Sunday October 28th 2012

Weather: Cool and overcast
Plot time: 10-30-12.00 3.30-5.00

Continued to clear the bramble and other vegetative waste from the rear flower bed and cut it for the bonfire. The space is fairly large and the brambles have grown extraordinarily well this year so it took some doing

Saturday October 27th 2012

Weather: Overcast and cool
Plot time: 10.00 - 2.00 P.M.

Spent the day unloading and stacking wood for the communal bonfire we have annually on the plot. This is the only time we are allowed to have a fire so as well as being a social event fueled by warm food and a few drinks it is our chance to get rid of all of that awkward non compostable  waste we accumulate on our allotments.
A couple of our plot holders are able get wood from their work places so we always have a few lorry loads to help us on our way.
Started to clear the back flowerbed of brambles and cut the stalks into pieces and loaded them on to the bonfire

Sunday October 21st 2012

Weather: Sunny and hot but foggy and cooler at sunrise and sunset
Plot time: 1.30 - 4.00 P.M

Continued to dig up potatoes
Pulled some leeks. They have grown really well this year. Thick stemmed and tall.
Cut herbs to take home
Took the last of the outdoor cucumber and composted the remains
Continued weeding

Sunday 14th October 2012

Jobs Completed:

Continued to dig up potatoes. We still have some Valour maincrop sitting happily in the ground.
Cut back asparagus fronds that had become dry and brittle
Put the spent tomato compost on the asparagus beds as a mulch
Cut back sea kale
Weeded the strawberry beds. We keep finding teasels, creeping buttercups, dandelions and couch grass making their way in.
Cut the remainder of the courgettes and marrows. Took them home to store.
Cut lettuce to eat
Cleared the greenhouse of the last of the tomatoes
Added vegetable waste to the compost and agitated it
Continued to weed all over

Friday October 5th 2012 

Plot Time: 14.30 - 16.30

Weather: Overcast but warm

Jobs completed:

Continued weeding and clearing the beds.
We aren’t allowed to light fires on our allotment apart form once a year due to our residential location. With bonfire night approaching we are trying to clear as much bramble and non compostable material with the intention of buring it on the day

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Sunday September 30th 2012

Plot Time: 11.00 - 17.00

Weather: Overcast with showers in the afternoon. Mild.

Jobs completed:

As predicted, we spent the entire day weeding! 

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Saturday September 29th 2012

Plot Time: 16.00 - 17.30

Weather: Cloudy with sunshine. Cooler later in the day

Jobs completed:

Weeding, weeding and more weeding!
Holidays are great but you sure have a lot of tidying up to do when you get home. There will be plenty more work to do tomorrow!

Picked salad leaves and tomatoes and outdoor cucumbers for tea 

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Saturday September 15th 2012

Weather: Cloudy with sunshine later in the day.

No plot time today as we have gone on holiday for a week to Cornwall

Part of the beautiful gardens at St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall. Unfortunately, every time i have visited the gardens have been closed to the public. I would very much like to take a walk round at some point. Gardens were only viewable from the terraces above. 

The wonderful Hayle beach where we stayed for the week. There is lots of sea campion on the dunes around this beach some seed of which we have taken in the hope of cultivating some. It is much more compact than normal campion with a lovely hardy leaf and shorter flower stems. The flowers are pale creamy white

The merry maidens standing stones near Porthcurno. Whilst in Cornwall we went looking for sloe berries as the harvest in Yorkshire is practically none existent this year. The heavy rains at blossom time seem to have prevented pollination and the sloe bushes that have always been very generous to us in previous years have yielded very little this season. We weren’t much luckier in Cornwall so our gifts of sloe gin this Christmas may have to be replaced with blackberry brandy as we have been inundated with those!

The amazing Minack Theatre in Porthcurno built by the incredible Rowena Cade. The gardens here are also fantastic and well worth a visit! 

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Saturday September 8th 2012

Plot Time: 10.00 - 13.00 

Weather: Cloudy morning with sunshine later in the day. Mild.

Today is the annual show at the allotment. We have a ‘fun day’ including a vegetable and flower show. Everyone is welcome to enter and all of the produce is auctioned off at the end of the day, proceeds of which all go to the allotment. We are still raising money for out new toilet so any money made today will go towards that. 

Jobs completed:

Checked over the vegetables still growing and cut and prepared them for the show. Some vegetables such as the potatoes and onions have been out a while and just needed cleaning and preparing.

We entered the following into the show:

A small posy of Asters. The judge highly recommended these.

Our largest remaining cucumber. We won second prize for this 

In the ‘Other Veg’ category we entered a fennel. This also won second prize

Onions - we didn’t get a prize for these as we didn’t string the tops as per judging requirements. We have done this in previous years but the heavy rains at the time of lifting started to rot the stems so we cut them so they would store better

Potatoes. We won second prize for these too.

We didn’t enter a top tray this year preferring to enter into individual categories instead 

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Sunday September 2nd 2012 


Outdoor cucumber - Marketmore

Butternut squashes

Purple aster

Plot Time: 11.00 - 17.30 

Weather: Cloudy morning and a hot sunny afternoon. Temperature in high 20s

Jobs completed:

Weeded the potatoe bed, around the squashes, courgettes, cucumbers, asters and the salad bed

Weeded the celery, sweetcorn and pea bed

Dug out the broadbean stalks and composted them, dug over the ground and planted some more leeks that we started off in the greenhouse

Watered the greenhouse tomatoes and basil and cucumbers

Picked cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner. Picked a mixed salad of rocket, little gem, lambs lettuce, spinach lazio, misticanza, land cress, tree spinach, basil and sorrel

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Saturday September 1st 2012 

Plot Time: 12.00 - 15.30 

Weather: Cloudy morning and a hot sunny afternoon and evening

Jobs completed:

Weeded the potato bed

Weeded the strawberry bed and potted on the runners into little pots in situ

The comfrey has elephantitis at the moment, leaves as large as gunnera and stems stretching horizontally like ivy. We cut it all today and put it into the compost

Picked salad leaves, cucumbers and tomatoes for dinner. Our salads are currently comprising of rocket, little gem, lambs lettuce, spinach lazio, misticanza, land cress, tree spinach, basil and sorrel

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Asters looking neon in the rain today

Asters looking neon in the rain today

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Saturday August 18th 2012

Plot Time: 15.00 - 17.00 

Weather: Overcast and warm in the morning with the cloud clearing throughout the day. Hot sunny evening.

The purple sprouting broccoli we planted out a few weeks back is looking very sturdy and  growing well. The leeks have all started to thicken up a treat too. 

Jobs Completed:

Watered the greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Watered the outside courgettes, squashes, cucumbers and asters

Weeded the leeks

Dug some potatoes for dinner. Picked some salad leaves - lambs lettuce, rocket, land  cress, little gem and spinach

Harvested the first of our tomatoes today. We found a few red minibels, alicantes and big reds. They didn’t make it further than the greenhouse. Eaten in a few seconds!

We have started to collect some seed from the flowers we have had growing in the flower beds at the plot. Today we collected some sweet william seed. We generally shake some on to the ground around the existing plant and then take some to store and sow in the springSweet william is such a good value plant giving plenty of cut flowers in season and providing good ground cover the rest of the year.

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Thursday August 16th 2012 

Plot Time: 18.00 - 19.00 

Weather: Warm and muggy

The asters are really coming into their own right now having had a good amount of rain and sunshine. They seem fairly long stemmed so we are hoping to be able to cut some flowers fairly soon. They are a mixture of bright pinks and purples

Jobs completed:

Watered the tomatoes and cucumber and basil in the greenhouse

Watered the squashes, courgettes and cucumbers outside

Picked a cucumber for dinner

Saturday August 11th 2012 

Plot Time: 11.00 - 15.00

Weather: Overcast and warm with rain later in the day

Jobs completed:

Harvested the rest of the onions and the shallots. Hung them in the shed to dry off

Weeded the vegetable beds and cut back the grass on our borders by hand. We had asked to use the strimmer today but discovered that there had been a break in during the week and both of our strimmers were taken. What a great gift during national allotment week!

Harvested some salad leaves, spinach, spring onions, cucumbers and herbs for dinner

Turned the rest of the compost

Watered the greenhouse