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Monday March 26th 2012

Plot Time: 16:30pm - 19:00pm 

Weather: Hot and sunny all day!

Sharps Express, Vales Emerald and Rocket potatoes now in.

We have new seedlings! The Purple Haze carrots are sprouting as are the cucumbers!


  1. We dug a trench about a foot and a half deep. 
  2. Lined the trench with a good layer of homemade compost
  3. Sprinkled in some potato fertiliser, bought from our allotment shop.
  4. Sprinkled some Grow Organic fertiliser on top
  5. Added a thin layer of earth so that the potato tubers aren’t sitting directly on fertiliser.
  6. Watered the trench with a couple of watering cans
  7. Placed the chitted potatoes about a foot apart in trench
  8. Back filled the trench with dug out earth

N.B. Scaffolding boards are pretty useful on an allotment. We use one to mark a straight line whilst digging rows. Standing on it also helps distribute weight which helps prevent the soil compressing after digging. At a scaffolding yard, if you ask for part damaged on purchasing it can work out a lot cheaper. They have to get rid of them anyway.

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