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Sunday April 15th 2012

Plot Time: 10:00 am - 15:30pm

Weather:  Sunny spells in the morning with rain and sleet showers in the afternoon

Jobs Completed:

Re-potted Aster Milady and Nasturtiums into bigger pots

Planted out the radish seedlings into the salad bed

Planted a row of Maxine potatoes

Sowed 5 courgettes, 12 french beans and 3 butternut squash in greenhouse

Transplanted errant raspberry canes - we have found at least five more that have sprouted in to the vegetable bed on the other side of the path.

Watered and fed strawberries and cabbages with seaweed fertiliser. The strawberries are all showing new leaf growth and some have the odd flower developing.

Removed self-seeded teasels from various beds. Moved self-seeded evening primrose, foxgloves and campion into wildflower hill